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Working out from a place of self love

This has been a really interesting topic which I’ve spent a lot of time this year thinking about. We sadly live in a world where we obsess over the way we look and what we think we should look like. We want to adhere to a mould dictated by the media as to what we should look like. The fitness industry has taken this image with both hands and run with it!

This has led to classes designed to burn fat, workout plans to punish yourself and calorie restricted diets to slim you down.

Having that mindset and a trainer telling you that you must work so hard to earn your dinner is going to leave you feeling pretty crap about yourself. It is also bad for your mental state because, if you find yourself having an extra [piece of] chocolate or missing a workout, you will be filled with self hate – and even less likely to want stick to your workouts.

We all know that, if we want to look a certain way, it takes hard work and commitment. But what happened to health? Do you need a six pack in order to be healthy? No. Do you need a big bum to be strong? No. Health comes in all different shapes and sizes.

And what happened to enjoyment? As soon as we start accepting our bodies and simply going to the gym and training because we enjoy it, our whole mindset is going to change, as we only want the very best for our bodies!

Firstly, we are going to be happier. We want to slowly start changing our mindset. If you were too tired to do a morning workout, instead of punishing yourself for the rest of the day, instead think: ‘Hey, I didn’t do my morning workout because I was too tired. Oh well, I must have needed the sleep. I’ll go in tomorrow instead after a good night’s sleep.’

Secondly, we are more likely to stick to our workouts. Training because we want to feel good about ourselves, not because we feel we have to, or because we are scared of the guilt if we don’t.

As soon as we start having this more positive mindset and stop punishing ourselves, we’re going to feel better, as we aren’t placing more stress on the body and we can get the most out of our workouts. This is more likely to lead us to the results we are looking for!

I’m not saying this is easy. I’m also not saying I am perfect at this. However, if we slowly start to change our thinking, change our friends’ thinking …. the industry will hopefully change too.

Exercise from a place of self love, and see what you can achieve!


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