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Work/Social life balance

You can often find yourself trying to juggle too many things and realising that, in the process, you are neglecting yourself. 

Usually, we can just chug along and do what we need to each day. However, sometimes we need to take time to stop and reflect – is what we are doing becoming damaging to our wellbeing? 

This can be a hard question to answer, and it can also be hard to admit to yourself that you are doing too much and becoming too stressed. Knowing when to cut back often feels like a bit of a defeat and we can feel as if we have let ourselves down. When you feel like this, there are some important things to remember… 

Firstly, that high levels of stress and alack of sleep can cause disease and sickness. This means that we certainly wont be able to live the lives we are living now, and our quality of life is going to be greatly reduced. 

Secondly, if we cut back on working hours (not doing that extra overtime), or stay in and relaxing, rather than rushing off to meet friends, it may help us become more productive in the long run. Looking after our wellbeing will allow us to be our best at work and to be that great friend we want to be. You won’t be able to be super awesome at your job and be a good mother/father or friend if you are run down. 

Putting ourselves first can often feel selfish, but actually it allows us to be the best version of ourselves – which means we can be there for those that matter to us in our lives. 

Spend some time thinking about your life and schedule and really reflecting on how you feel everyday. If you realise you need to cut back on something, remember it doesn’t need to be forever! You can always resume it when you are feeling better, but remember to prioritise yourself so you can consequently be your best self. 

If you have any questions or need extra support please email me. zoe@zoerosefitness.co.uk 


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