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Warming up, Why should I bother?

If you’ve had a workout from me, you will see it includes 5 to 10 mins of warming up, including pulse raising activities, mobility and some dynamic stretching. If you are short on time, or feeling really tired, you may just be thinking ‘argh really? I just want to be done already, why don’t I just skip it.’ Believe me I have thought the same a couple of times. However, there are some really good reasons why warming up is important.

* The biggest reason is Injury Prevention! Injuries suck… like really bad! So, we want to be making sure we are doing everything possible to prepare our body for the movement we are about to carry out. If we can do this we properly and safely, then we will dramatically lower our risk of injury during the workout.

* Depending on what type of workout you are doing that day, you want to make sure you are preparing your muscles for this movement. We do this by increasing the blood flow and temperature of the muscles so they can react quicker when we want them to.

* Mobility is also really important and can be neglected. Through age, we lose mobility, meaning we can’t move our joints to their full range of motion. Addressing this as soon as possible and adding mobility into our workouts, is going to help us stay more mobile. If you start to lose your mobility, you can end up with an injury. Increasing your mobility is also going to help you perform your workout more effectively, feel much better and be able to do everyday tasks.

* Preparing your mind for the workout is also another part of why we need to warm up. You are more likely to get into the zone, so you can ensure you are carrying out the proper technique and enjoy your workout a bit more. Remember, your workout is a bit of time where you are giving something back to yourself and celebrating how awesome your body is. You want to spend the time during your warm up getting yourself into this frame of mind.

There are many more reasons why you should warm up, but these are the main ones. I hope I have convinced you to never to skip or cut down your warm up! It is as important, if not more so, than the main conditioning phase. Treat your body and mind with the respect that it deserves.


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