Zoe Rose Fitness

Please read through terms and conditions carefully before signing up for a membership 

  1. Before starting a new exercise programme I strongly recommend seeking professional medical advice to ensure it is safe for you to start.

  2. If any of the below apply to you, you must seek professional medical clearance from your doctor before you start exercising:

    a. Been told by a doctor you have a heart condition and can only do physical activity recommended by your doctor.
    b. Felt pain in your chest whilst doing physical activity.
    c. In the past month had pain in your chest when you were not doing physical activity.
    d. Lost balance because of dizziness or ever lost consciousness.
    e. Have a bone/joint problem that could be made worse due to a change in your physical activity.
    f. Currently on prescribed medication (for example, water pills) for your blood pressure or heart condition.
    e. Or know of any other reason why you should not do physical activity.

  3. Zoë Rose Fitness (or any of its employees, agents or representatives) will not give you medical advice nor do we hold ourselves qualified to do so.

  4. Even in healthy individuals any exercise program carries out risk. You hold the responsibility to exercise safely as well as taking advice before acting on any of the content provided to you.

  5. The memberships aren’t currently suitable for pregnancy or PostPartum.

  6. Please read the article ‘Health and Safety’ found in the article library of the members area before you begin exercising.

  7. You have a statutory right to change your mind (without giving a reason) within 14 days of purchasing a product and receive a refund.

    Rose Gold memberships
  8. Where a Personal Plan has been provided for you, the information contained should not be regarded or relied upon as being a comprehensive health or exercise programme. You are responsible for using the plan in a safe way with the information and opinions available to you.

  9. A Personal Plan will have been prepared for you based on the information giving to us. You are responsible for the accuracy of any information that you provide us and informing us of any health issues or medical conditions before we create your plan.

  10. You are responsible for informing us if any changes to your health or other factors that could affect your exercise programme (such as changes to your medical conditions or becoming pregnant).