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We live in a world where there is always something you need to do and somewhere you need to be. Giving ourselves some time just to relax can make us feel that we are being lazy, that we are missing out or that we won’t get the results we are looking for (whether that be work or fitness related).

However, what does constantly being on the go mean to our health? Not having a time to wind down or just chill out may be having huge consequences, not only on your mental state, but also on your physical health.

Think about it this way… constantly being on the go and doing something leads us to feel stressed and, over time, that stress builds up. This means that our cortisol (stress hormone) is constantly at a high. If you think about evolution and where we came from, that hormone was used to help us run away from bears and alert us from any danger. Now we are using it because we are anxious about a deadline we need to meet, or we are worried about fitting in our workouts so we can look our best for that holiday. This could actually be detrimental to your training and overall wellness and may be the reason why you’ve plateaued.

Having time to recharge your batteries and chill out is important so you can feel awesome. I don’t mean that you should work crazy hours with no relaxation time, and then you go on holiday to ‘relax’ just to end up feeling pooped. I’m talking about having a bit of ‘me’ time every single day. Yes, every day!

You may be reading this and thinking well that’s okay for me to say. I don’t have 3 children, and a job and a household to run. That is all true, but finding that little bit of extra time during your day and week just to have a bit of you time may be easier than you think. It doesn’t need to be for long. Sometimes I just read my book for 10 minutes. Other times, if I know I am feeling run down, I have a good soak in the bath and watch Gossip Girl on Netflix! Sometimes when I am feeling particularly stressed, I look in my diary and book a complete day off. Should I have extra time, I love driving away from the city and heading towards the countryside, where I can detach from my phone, laptop and the city.

You can also incorporate relaxation time with others. You may want to see your best friend who you haven’t managed to have a coffee with in ages, or go to the cinema with your partner. All these things count! It may even be as simple as lighting a candle and doing some breathing exercises; it’s all about finding something that works for you.

Part of the reason why I ask all my clients what they feel their stress levels are, is to gauge how I can plan their workouts. If they are extremely stressed all the time, we are going to do lower intensity workouts that can be fitted into their schedule, so they aren’t putting any pressure on their body. There is no point doing a HITT workout if your cortisol levels are already very high, as you’re not going to feel any better or get results.

Remember, you aren’t being selfish by taking some time to relax. It is necessary to maintain the best version of you, whether that be at work, in the gym or as a mother or friend. If you don’t look after yourself, you can’t look after others.

On that note… I’m off to relax in a bath with a good book, so I’m ready to be super positive and full of energy for my clients tomorrow 🙂


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