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Zoë Rose Fitness is a Health & Wellbeing Coaching Company. We specialise in helping Women achieve their Fitness & Health Goals and get results for life.

Our approach is to empower you to embrace a healthy way of living. Health is always the first priority and we focus on having respect and compassion for your body. Exercise should be fun and enjoyable. Many people struggle with finding an exercise routine that works for them and developing nutritional habits that give them energy while also actively supporting their health.

We remove the mystery by guiding you with a scientific evidence based approach. We will help you find an exercise routine that you enjoy along with the nutrition you need to support your health and well-being. The focus is on supporting your goals, ensuring it is maintainable and most importantly fits in with your lifestyle.

Our Vision

Zoë founded Zoë Rose Fitness in 2017 after she felt frustrated by the fitness and health industry. After years of confusion about how to train, what to eat and how on earth to stay motivated she realised that through proper education, support and accountability everyone can reach their goals.

Our Mission

Our mission for the company is to help 10,000 women find strength and confidence in their bodies through fitness, nutrition and education.

Our Goal is to help woman

1. Going through Perimenopause and Menopause
2. Who have never regularly exercised before and need guidance
3. Who need guidance & support with their nutrition
4. Balance their busy lifestyle with Healthy Habits


Meet our specialist training coaches.

We specialise in helping Women achieve their Fitness & Health Goals and get results for life.

Zoë Longford-Brown

CEO & Founder of Zoë Rose Fitness

Zoë founded the company when she felt personally frustrated by the industry. As with many women she struggled with her relationship with food, exercise and her body. It took her a long time to recover from a disordered way of living. Through seeking help from experts Zoë started her recovery process and realised how flawed the fitness/health industry could be. This fueled her passion to make a change and build a company where women could get the support they needed to reach their fitness and health goals.

Zoë is a qualified Personal Trainer, Zumba Instructor and has a degree in Business and Enterprise.

Fun fact:

Zoë is obsessed with Alpacas (she even had them as
the ring bearers at her wedding!)

Zoë's favourite way to exercise:

Figure Skating, Strength Training and Zumba!

Dr Laura Wyness

Head of Nutrition & Registered Nutritionist AfN, PhD

Dr Laura is an award winning Nutritionist with almost 15 year of experience.

Dr Laura has had a fascinating career so far. She obtained a BSc degree in Health Sciences and Nutrition at the University of Aberdeen and completed her PhD in 2006. Laura’s interest in health policy led her to an Internship at the World Health Organisation in Copenhagen and to work in global health and health policy and management at Trinity College in Dubin. Following this, she was a Senior Researcher at the Women’s Health Council in Ireland where she led evidence-based reviews on various women’s health issues. 

One of the main areas of her work is on eating well for menopause. She has helped develop resources for women and training courses for fellow health professionals in this area.  

Dr Laura is passionate about communicating the role of food and nutrients towards positive health and wellbeing. 

Fun fact:

Dr Laura has appeared several times on BBC2’s ‘The Food Detectives’.

Laura's favourite way to exercise:

Running anywhere green

Sophie Sinclair

Head Coach & PT

Sophie is a professional curler alongside her coaching role at Zoë Rose Fitness. She has many titles to her name including European Silver Medalist and 2 time Scottish Champion. Sophie has represented Scotland at the World Championships 3 times.

Aside from this impressive curling career Sophie is passionate about strength training. After experiencing a few injuries she knows how important it is to take care of your body and commit to training. 

Sophie grew up on a farm and has always enjoyed fresh food and being outdoors. When she isn’t training on the ice or in the gym you will find her out in nature with the animals. 

Sophie is a qualified PT, Curling Coach and has a degree in Business. 

Fun Fact:

Sophie has travelled to 22 different countries!

Sophie's favourite way to exercise:

Curling & Strength Training

natural transition

Going through Perimenopause and Menopause


Who have never regularly exercised before and need guidance


Who need guidance & support with their nutrition


Balance their busy lifestyle with Healthy Habits

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