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June 2019 – 15 months (ish) to go

I say ish because we haven’t got a date yet. We are still viewing venues, which I have to say is quite overwhelming! 

I have been engaged for a month and a half and there are several things that I have learnt during this time. The first is that as soon as you announce your engagement people expect a date and a venue immediately. Everyone has an opinion on how you should get married, where, who should come and what type of dress you should have. People also expect you to drop your work and social activities to plan everything. I have been through a rollercoaster of emotions over the past month and a half, starting from over the moon happiness and excitement to confusion and feeling overwhelmed.

I am a Personal Trainer, Founder of Zoë Rose Fitness and passionate about Health and Wellness. You won’t see me programming quick fat loss for my clients or brides to be, or giving out extreme exercise and food plans to get my clients to lose weight quickly. This isn’t because they don’t work (as they can in the short term) but instead due to the fact that extreme programs can be harmful to our mental wellbeing and aren’t sustainable in the long term. I believe primarily in looking after my clients health, which means caring for their mental wellbeing as well. 

Advertisements have bombarded me with articles recently that proclaim ‘say yes to a smaller dress’. My newsfeed seems to be full of weight loss tips for the big day and how to lose a stone in in 12 weeks. Wedding dress shops tell you to your face that you should/will lose weight for your wedding. Who asked them to comment on my weight?

I have mixed feelings about all this. Of course I support any bride who wants to lose some weight to feel good before their wedding day. However the pressure and the expectation to do this seems to be huge, without the bride even initiating it!

One thing that I am determined to do is to try and feel as good as I possibly can in the lead up to the wedding. I want to be able to enjoy myself on the day and the whole process. At the moment I am feeling overwhelmed and stressed! 

To do this I am going to look after myself as best as I can. For me, this will mean:

  • Managing my stress (including dealing with my worries and fears for the day)
  • Eating well to nourish my body 
  • Exercising in a way that makes me strong and feel empowered 
  • Continuing to work on my relationship with my body to make sure its as positive as it can be

I believe these 4 factors are the ones each bride should focus on to feel great in the lead up to their wedding. If you look after yourself in this way you are likely to meet your health and fitness goals. Whether this is to lose weight, be more toned or feel confident in your dress. 

We are aiming to get married in September 2020 so this gives me 15 months. During this time I am going to be blogging monthly about wellness for brides. I will be sharing my knowledge as a Personal Trainer and discussing my fears! I’d love you to follow my journey and share your experiences too!

If you would like access to free workouts and advice please join my private facebook group. Search for ‘The Zoë Rose Movement’. I would love you to join. 


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