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July 2019 – 14 months to go!

We have a date! 12th September 2020! Wow such a relief to have a date and a venue sorted… although it’s not come without its stresses. The past month has been extremely stressful, probably made more so by the fact that I had surgery on my ankle so I have been planning whilst recovering. 

The first shock I had was how much weddings cost, they cost A LOT! I knew things were expensive but when you sat down and actually did the maths I would be lying if I said that there wasn’t a few tears. 

We visited 4 venues in total which isn’t a lot. We ruled quite a few out on price alone. I quickly realised that the decision on the venue had to be only between my fiancé and I because everyone else was going to have an opinion. Everyone knows somewhere that they think is better, cheaper, where they friend got married or lots fancier. On one hand this is great, we need all the help we can get, but on the other its also a little overwhelming. We came to the decision quite quickly that we, and only we, would decide on the venue based on what we truly loved. 

We’re now at the point where we are writing the guest list. Wow. This was stressful too! It started off really fun and relaxed however once we realised that we couldn’t invite everyone and that we had accidentally missed out people that we had to invite it became a thorny subject. We made the decision that we wanted to have as many of our friends and family there as possible so our numbers are currently at 120, however that limited our venue and food choices. We haven’t finalised our guest list yet and I feel a bit tired even thinking about it at the moment. 

When we saw our venue we both fell in love with it. We knew that if the finances worked we would want to book it. Fortunately, they did! The only but, and its a bit of a big one… is that our venue is up for sale so will be under new ownership by the time we have our wedding. Our contract will be honoured and our wedding is still booked but this does make me very nervous. I feel hesitant on booking anything else until the new owners are in place and we have met them.

Everyone says that this is the most magical time and it’s all fun and romantic. My experience has so far not been. Although I am really excited to get married I’m not enjoying the process of booking this very expensive large party called a wedding. I’m not sure I’m supposed to be this honest, but it is the truth.

During this time I definitely felt more stressed than usual and I knew I needed to manage this as it was started to affect me, so I created some rules to help me deal with it:

  • Have time with your fiancé when you don’t talk about the wedding. When you are mid booking things and sorting things out it can become all consuming. Consciously make an effort not to let it consume every conversation you have. 
  • If you are feeling stressed and have things that you need to do for the wedding don’t do them just before bed. Make time earlier in the day or evening then wind down and relax before bed without it still being on your mind. This will help prevent it from affecting your sleep. 
  • Try to avoid speaking to family members on the phone about the wedding if you are feeling short tempered. You are best leaving it for another day. I made this mistake whilst on the phone to my mum which ended up in me loosing my temper with her for the first time in years!
  • Don’t forget your basic self care! Remember that it is even more important to look after yourself during stressful times and to feel good leading up to your wedding. Prioritise sleep, eating well, exercising and relaxing. 
  • Finally remind yourself and each other of why you are getting married. Don’t let the stress of it take away from the reason you want to get married.

I am hoping that once we have our venue 100% confirmed I will be able to start relaxing and enjoying myself a bit more. Next big thing…. the dress! I have actually already said YES to the dress… but more on that next month. 

This months learnings have been about stress management and managing my own and family members expectations.

If you would like access to free workouts and advice please join my private facebook group. Search for ‘The Zoë Rose Movement’. I would love you to join. 


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