About me

I fell in love with fitness when I started Figure Skating as a child. I loved the feeling of being able to push my body to its limit whilst improving my mobility and having fun. As I got older however my body couldn’t keep up with what I was trying to do on the ice and I ended up injured. After this setback I decided to get myself a personal trainer and started to weight train. This was a game changer for me as getting stronger made me feel so empowered. After that, I was hooked!
Getting stronger made me feel so empowered and that was me hooked!

As with many women I have really struggled with my relationship with myself and my body. I used food and exercise as a punishment and it took me a long time to recover from a disordered way of living. Through seeking help from experts I started my recovery process and realised how flawed the fitness industry can be. My goal when deciding to become a personal trainer was to help women feel empowered and have a better relationship with themselves by exercising only in a positive way.

I want to help people ignore the nonsense within the fitness industry. Instead of listening to confusing messages from the media I empower my clients to look within themselves to find out what will make them both happy while also being sustainable to allow them to successfully achieve their goals.

My goal is to empower women to feel good about themselves and lead a fit and healthy lifestyle that mades them happy. I recognise how each individual is unique and allow my clients to focus on what works for them.