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My approach is to empower you to embrace a healthy way of living through exercise. Health is always the first priority and I focus on having respect and compassion for your body. Exercise should be fun and enjoyable. Many people struggle with finding an exercise routine that works for them and their health and fitness goals. I specialise in helping people find an exercise routine that they enjoy, supports their goals, is maintainable and most importantly fits in with their lifestyle. 

Becoming stronger, fitter and more flexible can give you the freedom to enjoy life. 

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Zoë Rose fitness…where to begin? Zoë has helped me increase my strength, flexibility, general health and fitness in an incredible way. I was one of those people who shyed away from sports and fitness however after taking up Figure Skating I soon found that to progress I needed to improve my overall fitness. Zoë’s tailored fitness for figure skating program (or off -ice) has helped me leaps and bounds on the ice and off, in every session she brings fun as well a drive that (which without realising) makes you push yourself and achieve things you never thought possible!
I would highly recommend Zoë rose fitness to anyone wanting to improve there strength and flexibility in a fun and dynamic way that will make you feel great

Anna Buckles

So refreshing

My time with Zoë has been really great! I feel very confident in Zoë and know she has my best interest at heart. I think the thing that I love the most with my sessions with Zoë is that she explains to me what I am doing but also the reasons behind it. Every exercise and technique has a reason for it and always for my benefit. Zoë took photos of my progress and even when I wasn’t with her having sessions, she would message me daily to see how I was feeling mentally and physically and would give me motivation when I wasn’t feeling very motivated. I truly feel like Zoë is a 24/7 PT rather than the one or two hours a week – which is so refreshing.

Matthew Horne

One of the best

The plan that Zoë gave me was a challenge at first but now that I got into a routine and flow, it is one of the best workout plans I have had. The best of all is that it is has been fun/easy to follow. What I love is that if you are ever unsure about anything, Zoë will clear it up and make sure you are following the right techniques to make sure you don’t injure yourself.

Cameron Brown

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